In 2012, for the first time, we had scholarship winners from three German cities. After our first „Walk for the wild“ in Frankfurt/Oberursel, two students from the Frankfurt International School took part in the expedition.

The project work was divided into three groups: „Holy Crab“ (water and ocean life), „Canadian Cooks“ (culinary and healing plants of the Cowichan) and „Brother Wolf“ (culture and stories of the Cowichan). The trip took the group to the Broken Islands Group, to Samsun Narrows and to the Kiksilah Ancient Forest.

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Wisdom Seekers 2012

Why protect wilderness?

We think the most progress can be made in protecting healthy ecosystems. Natural areas that have not been influenced by humans are becoming rare and therefore we and the generations that follow us must value them. Once an area has been changed through industrialization, mining and agriculture, it can only be repaired through a great deal of effort and high costs. We can protec the jungle directly by setting up nature conservation areas in the untouched rainforest.

The nature protection areas „Land of the Eagle“ and „Land of the Wolves“ on the northwest coast and the area „Land of the Grizzly Bear“ offer a wide range of flora and fauna as well as ancient trees a home. Many thousand wildlife sponsors in Germany and Canada are engaged in this effort and make the protection of these areas possible. For every 50 Euro contribution, Wilderness International purchases a 64 square meter area, including land title registration and guarantees the long-term protection of this area.

Picture Map Wisdom Seekers Knowledge Keepers 2012

Project plan

December 2011


February/March 2012


April/May 2012

Preparation of the
summer expedition

July/August 2012

Expedition on
Vancouver Island

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September 2012

Cowichan visit Germany

April 2013 - Mid 2014

Exhibitions in schools
and other facilities

Expedition team

In July 2012, ten open-minded, enthusiastic
and fit students from Germany embarked on
an adventure.
They were to "breath the wilderness"
during a three-week journey in the temperate
rainforests of British Columbia, Canada.

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Picture Expedition team

Scholarship projects

The ten scholarship winners were divided
into three groups: „Holy Crab“,
„Canadian Cooks“ and „Brother Wolf“.
Each group looked for an thematic area of
work related to nature in the rainforest and
the cultural relationship the Cowichans have
to the ecosystem. If you want to learn more
about traditional stories of the
Red Tide contamination, this is the place.

Holy Crab
Canadian Cooks
Brother Wolf
Stipendiaten Umweltbotschafter 2012 Cowichan in Deutschland

Cowichan in Germany

From September 12 until Ocotber 1, 2012, the Cowichan visited Germany. Just like last year, this year’s trip begain in Frankfurt/Oberursel at the Frankfurt Internatioanl School (FIS).

The four students and four elders of the Cowichan tribes were part of the environment week at FIS and informed the students about culture and nature in their homelands on Vancouver Island. In the following week, we held the Walk for the Wild in Cologne, Berlin and Dresden. The participating students were able to experience the Cowichans‘ traditional language, dances and clothing.

Of course our guests also had the opportunity to experience the German culture, for example on a boat tour through Berlin. During the three-week trip, we reached many students and were able to bring nature conservancy closer to them in an impressive and demonstrative way. At the end of the trip all of the expedition participants went on an outdoor trip in the hills of the so-called „Saechsische Schweiz“.

Cowichan in Germany