Students from Germany, together with students from the Cowichan First Nation, are environental ambassadors for the protection of the temperate rainforests of western Canada. They are the hosts for the Cowichan students, they participate in the Walk for the Wild together, work in intercultural groups for scientific, artistic and journalism projects, and in the summer they travel to the rainforests of Vancouver Island.

As part of the environmental ambassador-project, we are working on solutions for the protection of the environment in the primal forests and practical ideas for environmental projects in the Cowichan Valley and in our personal surroundings.

Three weeks of wilderness. The environmental ambassadors of Saxony could not believe it when they started on their three-week trip to Canada in July 2010. They were excited to see their Cowichan guest-siblings, they had gotten to know when they were in Germany in May 2010. They are all part of the environmental ambassador project „Wisdom Seekers – Knowledge Keepers“, a partnership program between the foundation Wilderness International and the Cowichan Tribes, the biggest Indian population of Western Canada.

to the expedition team

Wisdom Seekers 2010

Why protect wilderness?

We think the most progress can be made in protecting healthy ecosystems. Natural areas that have not been influenced by humans are becoming rare and therefore we and the generations that follow us must value them. Once an area has been changed through industrialization, mining and agriculture, it can only be repaired through a great deal of effort and high costs. We can protec the jungle directly by setting up nature conservation areas in the untouched rainforest.

The nature protection areas „Land of the Eagle“ and „Land of the Wolves“ on the northwest coast and the area „Land of the Grizzly Bear“ offer a wide range of flora and fauna as well as ancient trees a home. Many thousand wildlife sponsors in Germany and Canada are engaged in this effort and make the protection of these areas possible. For every 50 Euro contribution, Wilderness International purchases a 64 square meter area, including land title registration and guarantees the long-term protection of this area.

Picture Map Wisdom Seekers Knowledge Keepers 2010

Project plan

December 2009


March 2010


May 2012

Cowichan students
visit Germany

July 2010

Expedition to the
rainforsts of Canada

to the expedition team
May - August 2011

„Algae for Dinner“ in
Tonnengewölbe of the
Residenz castle Dresden

Expedition team

In July 2010, ten open-minded, enthusiastic
and fit students from Germany embarked on
an adventure.
They were to "breath the wilderness"
during a three-week journey in the temperate
rainforests of British Columbia, Canada.

to the expedition team
Picture Expedition team

Scholarship projects

Every day we learned and saw new things.
We researched and investigated our
projects so that what we experienced
would not be forgotten. We would like to
present our results to you here. Whether on
land, in the water or between the huge trees
of the Koksilah Ainceint Forest – we captured
our experiences wherever we went.

In the rainforest
In the land of the Cowichan
In the land of the tides
The clear cut
Stipendiaten Umweltbotschafter 2012 Cowichan in Deutschland

Cowichan in Germany

From May 1st until May 17th 2010, six Cowichan students as well as two advisors and two elders visited Germany. They participated in the Walk for the Wild in Dresden and Leipzig, and could present their culture and traditions directly to thousands of German schoolchildren.

In order to understand the German culture and nature better, they visited many museums and nature preserves in the Dresden area. By visiting mines in the Erzgebirge region and the Leipzig lake area, they became aware of the effects of large-scale encroachment upon nature, as well as the importance of protecting untouched wilderness areas.

The students were accompanied by Hwiemtum and the elders Qwuelshemut and Tousilem, for whom this was the first big journey away from the American continent.

Cowichan in Germany