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Help decide on the future of the Western Arctic.

Take a stand and write an email for the Yukon!

Your voice counts! The Three Rivers Region, an untouched arctic wilderness area the size of Ireland, needs your help. The government of the Yukon is about to sell the area to mining companies and this will have dramatic effects for the animals and plants in this, one of the largest untouched mountainous regions of the world. Mining companies have increased the number of claims (exploration approvals) from 2,000 to 10,000 in the past three years.

Every voice counts! The government will listen to you, because most of the tourists to the Yukon come from Germany.

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Peel Watershed Planning Commission
210, 307 Jarvis St.
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 2H3, Canada

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To whom it may concern, …

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Key messages you can use
The Peel River Watershed is a Canadian jewel and a treasure to the world.

  • I ask you to provide full protection of the ENTIRE PEEL RIVER WATERSHED including the Snake River, the Wind River, the Bonnet Plume River, the Hart River, the Blackstone River, and the Ogilvie River
  • the Peel Watershed is a boreal mountain wilderness of international significance –therefore I ask you not to allow any habitat fragmentation in the region, I ask you not to allow ANY industrial development including roads, landing strips or rail development
  • I do not want mines or mineral exploration and development in the Peel River Watershed; above all I ask you urgently that no uranium mining be allowed in the watershed, this would contaminate the water, the soil, as well as plant and animal life for generations to come
  • I ask you not to permit any iron ore, copper, coalbed methane, oil and gas exploration and development ANYWHERE in the Peel watershed
  • I want the waters from all the Rivers in the watershed to remain as clean as they are today, drinkable and free of pollution for people and animals
  • I want the Peel Watershed to remain an undisturbed wilderness area with its ecological integrity intact. The First Nations people use this area for their traditional lifestyle. Eco-tourists come to enjoy its unique natural beauty. Caribou, grizzly bears, wolves, peregrine falcons, and wolverine live in harmony as they have for millenia in one of the last true remaining wilderness areas on the planet.
  • I pledge that you do not repeat the mistakes our ancestors made in Germany. Today we have no wilderness areas left, no primeval forest, no place larger than 40 km2 without a road. We love Canada because you have it all – undisturbed forests, free-ranging wildlife, herds of caribou, wilderness areas to enjoy and safeguard for future generations.

End of the letter: Sincerely, Yours …

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