Project west Arctic

The project is organized in Germany by Wilderness International, our partner organization Wilderness International Canada and the partners in the Arctic and the Gwich’in as well as the Inuvialuit from Fort McPherson. We work together with the „Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Yukon Chapter“. Thomas des Jager organized the rafting tour and did a great job.

Western Arctic project

Bild Expeditionsteam
21 Days
25 Participant

8 students of the Gwich'in

2 teachers
Gladys, Jacksun

2 first nation elders

6 wilderness leaders

Johanna Louise Diehl

Eva Lehnen

Robert Morgenstern
Documentary filmmaker

Team of the Foundation Wilderness International
Kai Andersch, Tom Andersch, Hans Dierstein and Hwiemtun Fred Roland

7 students from Dresden & surroundings
Christin Fuchs, Jakob Winter, Jonas Hennig, Josef Kaiser, Julia Schuler,
Karl Friedrich Schiebe, Lisanne Hölting

The students

Bild Christin Fuchs

Christin Fuchs

16 years | Gymnasium Dresden Cotta

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Bild Jakob Winter

Jakob Winter

15 years | Humboldt-Gymnasium Radeberg

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Bild Jonas Hennig

Jonas Hennig

17 years | Gymnasium Klotzsche

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Bild Josef Kaiser

Josef Kaiser

15 years | Marie-Curie-Gymnasium

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Bild Julia Schuler

Julia Schuler

16 years | Evangelisches Kreuzgymnasium

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Bild Karl Friedrich Schiebe

Karl Friedrich Schiebe

17 years | Evangelisches Kreuzgymnasium

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Bild Lysanne Hölting

Lisanne Hölting

16 years | Evangelisches Kreuzgymnasium

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