Walk for the Wild

Take a Walk for the Wild

Our "Take a Walk for the Wild” campaign brings students and sponsors together with the help of many volunteers to raise both funds for the protection of wilderness areas as well as public and community awareness. Sponsors pledge a specific amount for each round or lap (typically on a sports ground) run by the student. There are prizes for the most hard-working classes. Every student who earns more than 50.00 Euro receives an area of wilderness and a personal certificate about the sponsorship.

We would like to thank all of our participants for their activity and efforts.

Walk for the wild – take your marks, ready, go....

Using this map you can find out which cities have already taken part in a ‘Walk for the Wild’. Clicking on the individual locations gives you more information about each individual run; how many kilometers were run and above all how much rainforest was protected.

Current walks for the wild

What can the income achieve?
Every 50 Euros – 64 square meters.

Nature preservation
of costal rainforest

Nature preservation
of costal rainforest

Wilderness sponsorships

Together we can ensure the protection of a huge area of Canadian coastal rainforest, guaranteeing long-lasting conservation and protection from corporate logging or mining. Through student partnerships in the purchase of this land, the untouched status of the land will remain protected under the stewardship of Wilderness International and the Cowichan First Nation people.

School projects

The schools that take part in ‘Walk for the Wild’ events can use a percentage of the funds to initiate a local environmental project of their choosing, for example a 'tree planting for the future’ campaign.

Protection of the Arctic

With our ‘Protection of the West Arctic’ projects we are working together with Gwich’in First Nations to protect a mountainous area the size of Ireland which contains crystal clear rivers, wolves and herds caribou. This area is in danger from being completely destroyed by large-scale mineral mining.

Nature Conservation Cooperation with the Cowichan Tribes

The rainforest-conservation project has been jointly undertaken with the Cowichan Tribes, the largest native people of west coast Canada. Hwietum Fred Roland from the Cowichan Tribes coordinates the project for Wilderness International Canada, as Director of Culture. He ensures that our joint venture is in the best interest of the First Nations people.

Partners Germany / Canada

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