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»To fell a lovely tree takes scarcely half an hour.
To grow until you marvel at it took — just think! — a century.«

-Eugen Roth, Der Baum

Kreuzgymnasium supports the wilderness
Ev. Kreuzgymnasium Dresden
21. March 2011

On 21 March 2011, ninth grade students from Kreuzgymnasium celebrated the International Day of the Forest by planting about 2000 trees in Dresden's district Hellerberge.

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Jakob, class 9/2:

"On March 21, 50 students gathered on an empty field. As different as they all were, their goal was the same: plant 2450 trees as quickly as possible during this event organized by Wilderness International. Students recruited sponsors who pledged to donate two Euros for every tree planted. In addition to funding the local project, a portion of these pledges went to preserve the rainforest in western Canada. What did the participants learn? That there is work to do everywhere, not just here but also around the world."

Bild Bäume pflanzen für die Zukunft Bild Bäume pflanzen für die Zukunft Bild Bäume pflanzen für die Zukunft Bild Bäume pflanzen für die Zukunft

Pia Weigel, class 9/1:

"It's Monday morning, March 21, International Day of the Forest.

About 60 students, armed with spades and buckets, assemble along the main entrance of the Kreuz Lutheran School. Together with Mr. Hürten and Mr. Ackermann, they planned to go to the Heller hills to plant up to 2,450 trees. Excitement and motivation is high and the kids could not wait to start planting!

Upon arrival in Hellerau we find the best conditions for a day outdoors: the sun is shining, it is warm and we are warmly welcomed by the staff of the Wilderness International and Mr. Feigel and Mr. Heinzel from the forestry office in Dresden. They show us how to use the spade, and introduced the treespine, linden and the wild service tree, the German national tree for 2011. To make a long story short, we go to the field where you can already see some trees that were planted in the last tree-planting event. As a little motivation everyone gets a green Wilderness International t-shirt, and the classes split up because there is an award at the end of the day for the class that planted the most trees.

When we begin planting the trees a whole group of journalists and photographers arrive unexpectedly, even a few television news reporters. All of them want a photo of the students, and are anxious to know what they think about the event. What we don’t yet know is that many of us will appear in the newspapers tomorrow, and even on television. Undeterred by the media, we shovel dirt and plant many trees.

Around noon, we take our first well-deserved break. Many groups have planted more than 40 trees so far! When everyone is refreshed and refueled with an energy bar eaten during a short presentation on the trees planted and the Heller mountains, we continue with the work. And although the motivation wanes a bit towards the afternoon Mr. Huerten cheers us on, and we continue to plant up to another 20 trees per group.

On the way home everyone has some soreness and back pain from bending over all day. But no one cares, because we know that 30 years from now, trees will stand where we spent the whole day Monday toiling. And for that it is worth it!"

Bild Bäume pflanzen für die Zukunft