Adopt a Piece of Wilderness!

With the help of tour operator DIAMIR, Wilderness International protects pristine, untouched, and wild nature in Canada! The impact on nature, measured as the CO₂ footprint of the DIAMIR travels, is compensated by the preservation of wilderness!

> 192.000 sqm

the DIAMIR community is going to protect
W124°14'7.701" – N50°30'55.178"

Wilderness Adoption

This is how it works:

DIAMIR works to compensate the climate effect of its trips and balances the CO₂ footprint with the protection of species-rich habitats

The ecological footprint of your travel will be calculated in CO₂ units – for the long-haul, medium-length and domestic flights, bus transportation, train rides and boat trips as well as overnight stays in hotels and tents

In 2016, DIAMIR and Wilderness International protect an area of 192,000 square meters of rainforest in Western Canada. This area can store 20,119,680 kilograms of CO₂ in its biomass!

Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to compensate the other half:

In the booking process you can compensate the other 50% of the CO₂ footprint of the trip that you have booked with a forest protection donation to Wilderness International, and help the protected area grow.

Your certificate

With your one-time direct donation when booking the trip you will expand the DIAMIR-forest and adopt your very personal piece of fairytale forest! For this, you are going to receive a certificate from Wilderness International designating its exact location through geo coordinates. Additionally, we are going to send you a donation receipt for your tax return.

Wilderness International and Diamir

Nowadays, travelling by means of transportation that emit harmful CO₂ is unavoidable. And so is using important infrastructure like streets and rails. However, this does not just afflict the environment, but us as humans too. Not just for survival are we dependent on nature - we especially appreciate it on our travels, as we do not want to miss out on its beauty. Searching for ways to travel in a more sustainable manner, the tour operator DIAMIR from Dresden decided to cooperate with Wilderness International.

Over the course of the last three years, scientific measurements were conducted in Wilderness International's rainforest conservation areas together with a team of researchers. Permanent research areas were designated for long-term monitoring, which explores the area's biodiversity and biomass of the trees in order to calculate the flows of carbon. At the Environmental Research Center, UFZ, in Leipzig/Halle, the collected data is worked into computer programs which calculate the carbon storage and yearly carbon sequestration of the temperate rainforest.
In the starting phase, together with DIAMIR, Wilderness International protected 192,000 m² of Canadian rainforest in 2016 alone! The long-term protection of the purchased land areas is guaranteed through their entry in the land registry - a promise we can give with a clear conscience for our work in Canada. We have already fixed the gradual expansion of the protected forest areas! By 2018, the DIAMIR-Wilderness International-project will have protected at least 576.000 m² of rainforest and with that is going to have compensated more than 60 million kilograms of carbon dioxide.

With every DIAMIR trip, we compensate in three dimensions:

1. Trip Booking: Forest is protected
The area of forest protected is calculated from the CO₂ footprint of the trip.

2. Trip: Emitted CO₂ is being sequestrated
By protecting Canadian trees, emitted CO₂ is being sequestrated in their biomass.

3: Future: Sustainability is guaranteed
Sustainability is guaranteed as habitats and biodiversity in the Toba Valley are eternally preserved.

Your Wilderness International Team

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