The successful protection of nature only works through direct engagement.
We want to give every single person the opportunity to protect rainforest.
At the heart of our projects are the sponsorships.

Our Environmental Protection Concept:
Wilderness Sponsors with Geo-coordinates

There are many ways to protect nature with a donation. Our Wilderness Sponsorship system enables everyone to directly and transparently protect nature. Your donation will flow directly into the protection of gigantic trees and the unique animals on the West Coast of Canada. And this is how it works:
Wilderness International purchases private lands of intact rainforest that are threatened by industrial use. The areas are recorded in the land registry, and thus Wilderness International can legally protect them from destruction forever. All Wilderness Sponsors receive a personalized certificate with the exact geo-coordinates and an aerial photograph of their adopted piece of forest. They can see exactly which piece of forest they have personally protected. To achieve this, we work together with our partner foundation in Germany.

Responsibility of the sponsor

As a sponsor, you have voluntarily taken a financial responsibility for the conservation of our planet. This generous act does not come with any personal legal liability. Wilderness International assumes responsibility for the purchase and maintenance of the conservation area. Your sponsorship is a one-time donation with no further installments or maintenance fees required.

Your sponsored area on the internet

As a sponsor, you will receive a certificate and individual sponsorship code enabling you to make name changes to your assigned piece of land. On this certificate, you will find the GPS coordinates of your land, detailing its exact location. This ensures that each piece of land is assigned to one sponsor only. Wilderness International guarantees the protection of your personal data and will not pass it on to third parties.

Purchases made on behalf of Wilderness International Germany:

Wilderness International was registered as a charity on December 21, 2009. The accounting is strictly controlled by the Saxony Foundation Board and the German federal tax authorities as well as the Board of Wilderness International. The legal jurisdiction lies in Dresden. You may request a refund of any donation made by credit card within seven days of payment and all personal data will be removed from our files.