and permanently protect a piece of this wilderness.

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2,865,846 of 3,908,096 sqm of all areas protected Land der Wapitis
8,960 von 764,736 qm geschützt Land of the Hummingbirds Land of the Hummingbirds
687,548 of 805,312 sqm protected Land of the Wapitis Land der Wapitis
712,576 of 728,384 sqm protected Land of the Ghostflowers Land of the Ghostflowers
479,854 of 623,296 sqm protected Land of the Grizzlys Land of the Grizzlys
485,260 of 488,896 sqm protected Land of the Wolves Tumuhw 'utl' thu Stulqee"ye Land of the Wolves
491,648 of 497,472 sqm protected Land of the Eagles Tumuth un Yukwula Land of the Eagles

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Land der Wapitis

last protected area of:
Silke Turzynski


Land of the Ghostflowers

last protected area of:
Anna Schmidt from Dresden

Land of the Grizzlys

last protected area of:
Outdoor Magazin Branchentreff 2019 from Stuttgart


Land of the Wolves

last protected area of:
Alina Hermeling from Minden

Land of the Eagles

last protected area of:
LuckyPisky und Horser from Westerstede

This primal area of wilderness is under threat. By sponsoring a piece of land you are taking an active part in the protection of this area. You will receive a certificate detailing the exact coordinates of the land you have sponsored and a receipt confirming your donation suitable for tax purposes. Sponsorship also makes a unique and special gift! We can issue the certificate to any person or group you specify.

The Nature Preserve - Porcher Island

The Nature Preserve

The reserve lies on Porcher Island within coastal rainforests of western Canada. Because of their biodiversity, these forests are known as the "Canadian Amazon". This is the largest contiguous area of temperate rainforests in the world and is acutely threatened by the timber and mining industries.


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Together with our partner organization, Wilderness International Canada, we purchase the title to parcels of the rainforest with the funds pledged by our sponsors and donors.